The Best LUSH Products to Try

After attending the wonderful LUSH grand re-opening event a few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to test out some of LUSH’s new and most popular products. I wanted to create a review for you all to share the benefits behind this brand’s amazing line of products.

best-lush-products-to-tryThis Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion is amazing and there’s no guessing as to why it’s the number one best-selling LUSH product out there. The scent is lovely and the lotion is made out of oatmeal which then is turned into the production of oak milk, which is effective for calming and soothing of the skin. This lotion made my skin feel so smooth, the substance itself isn’t greasy, it’s a very light cream to help ease dry skin. This will be the best product for the cooler season coming our way.

best-lush-products-to-tryThe bath bombs and bubble bars are very popular too, I was able to try the Comforter Bubble Bar which is a fluffy pink blanket design of blackcurrant bubbles, it smells amazing and works like a dream. The blue bath bombs pictured above made my tub smell so delicious and made my skin so soft.

best-lush-products-to-trybest-lush-products-to-tryThis Whoosh Shower Jelly is perfect for the busy go-getter, it’s specifically created to enhance focus when tired feelings erupt, when you’re jet lagged, or studying for exams which is coming around the corner for all the students out there. It’s a great way to reawaken as it’s a cool jelly-like substance that makes your skin feel rejuvenated quickly, I honestly felt so ready to knock off some of those pesky to do’s. This is must try product, grab some Whoosh and meet those deadlines! #Girlboss

best-lush-products-to-tryWhen I tried the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, I couldn’t believe how invigorating it felt on my face and skin. This particular scrub is perfect for when you want to brighten up your face and diminish pores, I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that?

I also loved using the Seanik Shampoo Bar, it makes my unruly tangled hair so much more manageable, I mean honestly when you have long hair and deadlines to meet, how can one cope? I found an all-natural way to do that with this awesome product. Another fabulous try is the Sea Vegetable Soap Bar which is made with skin softening seaweed, and some more sea salt to give your body the scrub down that it needs. #GetSalty


The Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter is a prime product for the winter season because I don’t know about you, but I always get dry hands and cuticles in the cooler weather so yay for this product.

I hope this post was helpful for you because I know when I step into the LUSH stores I need a hand with what to try because there are always soo many different products I want to buy. I’m not alone here am I?


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What are your favourite products from LUSH?

Thank you to the team over at LUSH for your outstanding customer service.




  1. September 13, 2015 / 2:34 pm

    I love and adore LUSH products, but it really makes me wish I were rich, hahaha. I love their Celestial moisturizer and Buffy! Their bath bombs are a lot of fun too! :]

    September 15, 2015 / 4:29 am

    Thank you Farrah! I love LUSH too! They always have so many amazing products 🙂 Ands I agree, I love the bath bombs!

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