Getting Healthy for the New Year

Eating healthy is at the top of my priorities these days, and it all starts with some motivation. The motivation that I have been lucky to be surrounded by are the latest items from Chapters Indigo Wellness collection, I just love the beautiful sayings (which are so inspirational) and the gorgeous colours they come in.

The blue bowl I featured to represent a delicious acai bowl in has the saying ‘Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day‘ and I believe it is. It really sets the tone for the rest of the day and being someone who has quite a hefty appetite (seriously I can eat like no tomorrow!) this is a great way for me to remember how important it is to provide my body with a healthy meal in the morning. chapters-indigo-wellness-campaignchapters-indigo-wellness-campaignI also love the plate that says ‘Eat Well and Live Well‘ which is also so true. I think in order to live a happy life you have to start with becoming healthy and maintaining a balanced diet. This salad I made from one of the cookbooks (I alternated the bacon in the original recipe with delicious raspberries instead!) and it was the perfect amount. chapters-indigo-wellness-campaignI also have quite an affinity for caffeine, okay who doesn’t? The Espresso cup from Chapters is so cute, reminds me of Paris, France and the way the French drink their caffeine, in a beautifully adorned way. Anyone been to Paris? I haven’t but yearn to go. I also love the coffee dripper from Chapters too because it’s a great way to make one single cup of coffee, especially if you happen to have a power outage and have the usage of a gas stove but no way to make the coffee (I speak from experience here!) chapters-indigo-wellness-campaignchapters-indigo-wellness-campaignchapters-indigo-wellness-campaignI have a confession, I have a hard time drinking water throughout the day (don’t ask why!) so I was thrilled to try out this amazing S’well bottle, these bottles are the sh*t, they are insulated and keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and warm drinks hot for 12. Amazing right? (Let’s try to reduce the carbon footprint and aim to decrease our purchases of plastic, yes?)chapters-indigo-wellness-campaignchapters-wellnessYou must try out the entire collection from Chapters Wellness initiative because really a happy life is a healthy life. Are you convinced yet?

Thanks to Chapters Indigo for partnering with me on this post.

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