Oxygen Eye Mask Review

To go along with my beauty routine New Year’s resolutions for 2016, I am also trying to take extra care and attention regarding my skincare routine too. I think if I start young and try and maintain healthy, clean skin than I won’t have such a hard time avoiding wrinkles and puffiness when I begin the aging process. To help aid myself in the process of aging and maintaining healthy skin, I started to use the VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask, these eye masks are particularly for dark circles, which is perfect for those long nights of events after a day at the office. oxygen-eye-mask-reviewThese masks worked like a dream, they stayed on for up to 8 hours (the required amount of time) and didn’t fall off when I fell asleep. Once taking these masks off in the morning, my eyes were brightened and felt hydrated (because of the oxygen) and eliminated signs of tiredness. oxygen-eye-mask-reviewoxygen-eye-mask-reviewoxygen-eye-mask-reviewoxygen-eye-mask-reviewI would definitely recommend picking up some of these masks for the new year, they make all the difference in the world.

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