Emu Dundee Cosmetics Review

I discovered a new cosmetics brand called Emu Dundee Cosmetique (it’s from Quebec, hence the French hehe) made out of pure emu oil. This is a great initiative because it’s a range of natural products and these ingredients are of the highest performant high-tech products. The line is moisturizing, and significantly reduces the look of dark spots, wrinkles and imperfections, perfect when you need a quick fix (you know, without the botox!). There is a wide range of products within this brand’s product line. I will go into detail about the benefits of each one I tried out below.emu-dundee-cosmetique-skincare-reviewThe first product I tested was the Emu Oil Revitalizing Bar. This is 100% pure. Don’t worry all of these products are not tested on animals, I would never review something if it were. Back to the bar, it smells so fresh, not overly fragranced at all and is made for all skin types, even those with acne prone skin. So, what’s in it? It’s made with water, coconut oil, sunflower oil, emu oil, cocoa butter and beeswax. Completely natural and completely healthy.emu-dundee-cosmetique-skincare-reviewemu-dundee-cosmetique-skincare-reviewThe next products I tried were the three 100% pure and natural Emu Oil’s, these oils are made with essential fatty acids contribute to a better metabolism of fats and sugars. These oils are not overly greasy at all, don’t give off an overly perfumed smell and have many benefits to using them. I used them for trying to lessen the appearance of one of my scars and I have noticed a difference, a minor difference because I only started this regimen but I will keep you in the loop if it diminishes my scar entirely.emu-dundee-cosmetique-skincare-reviewThan I gave the Anti-Itching Cream a go, it’s designed for delicate skin and relieves minor aches and pains caused by inflammation. I tested this cream out on my shoulder because it’s been hurting the past few days and it made it feel better almost instantly, the cream makes my skin soft and smooth with its moisturizing and reparative agents.emu-dundee-cosmetique-skincare-reviewNext I tried the Hand Cream which can actually be used on more than just your hands, I use it on my feet, heels and it can be used on your knees and elbows too for moisturizing. This is amazing for the cold weather that’s still hanging around as it dimishes dry skin. This cream is a lovely substance, not too greasy, just the right amount of density.emu-dundee-cosmetique-skincare-reviewI tried the Soothing Balm next, this innovative formula is perfect for minimizing migraines and pains, this product can be used with a combination of a heating pad for best results.emu-dundee-cosmetique-skincare-reviewLast but not least, I gave the Lip Balm a try and it’s amazing, decreases my chapped lips and doesn’t make my lips feel greasy or anything, the scent isn’t overly powerful and the product itself is worth trying.emu-dundee-cosmetique-skincare-reviewOverall, I would recommend this brand to you guys because it’s all-natural, has resortaive powers and once again is not tested on animals. It’s from Quebec and is sold at retailers such as Wal-Mart, Sobeys, etc. Check them out at huiledemeu.com/en/

This post was brought to you by Emu Dundee Cosmetique, all opinions and thoughts remain my own.


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