The Best Natural Skincare Routine

Okay, so I have decided it’s time to get down n dirty (or lack thereof) with finding a clean, healthy and reliable skincare routine. Everytime I go and see a dermatologist, doctor or speak to a makeup artist they tell me the same thing..step 1 in achieving healthy skin is finding the right skincare routine for you. I have come across the brand Aiona Alive and not only is it rated high in the skincare field but it’s also been featured in Vogue UK!! Isn’t that amazing? Aiona Alive strives to be the leading skincare brand that makes their products with natural ingredients, such as gold collagen, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract and tons of vitamins. aiona-alive-beauty-reviewaiona-alive-beauty-reviewaiona-alive-beauty-reviewThe skincare system is quite a rigorous process but I promise you is so worth it. Starting with the E-Citrus Exfoliating Cleanser, this doesn’t need much product, only a small dab and it instantly becomes a soft substance working into a lather.aiona-alive-beauty-reviewaiona-alive-beauty-reviewThe next step is the first step in the 3 Steps process, starting with the Moisture Ha Serum which is amazing, the product is light and very fresh.aiona-alive-beauty-reviewSecond step is the E-Ternal Gold Collagen Leave on Moisture Mask which comes with your choice of either the acne skin prone one of the all skin types product. I loved them both but am going to be starting with the acne skin one as I tend to develop blemishes here & there. The Moisture Mask works like a dream, only use a small amount, also warning you, this stuff smells delicious. So fresh! Like you’re in a forest or something.aiona-alive-beauty-reviewThe last step is the Moisturizing Creme which is soft and smooth, also smells delicious. aiona-alive-beauty-reviewaiona-alive-beauty-reviewI would definitely recommend this brand for it’s amazing all-natural vision for their company, the products don’t give off an over fragranced smell at all and your skin feels moisturized and healthy after use. Check them out

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