Tofino Waves at Pacific Sands Resort

Walking near the waves in Tofino, BC are indescribable. And surfing on them is something else (more on that post soon!). There’s just something about the ocean, its so vast and seems like it offers so much, so much potential and wonderful opportunities. This day was perfect, hanging out in nature and becoming immersed with it.

tofino-bc-pacific-sandsIt can be hard to dress for unpredictable weather on the west coast, that’s why rocking a bright yellow raincoat is always a good idea, especially when worn with Sorels and ripped jeans too.

tofino-bc-pacific-sandstofino-bc-pacific-sandstofino-bc-pacific-sandstofino-bc-pacific-sandstofino-bc-pacific-sandstofino-bc-pacific-sandsThe resort I stayed at in Tofino is called Pacific Sands and it was beautiful, as you can see, its located right on the water, perfect distance from the ocean and for catching the perfect set of waves early in the morning. There are options when staying at Pacific Sands as you can choose between a quaint hotel suite or a beautiful beach house (we chose the latter), both of which are equally stunning and have impressive views. Pacific Sands offers so much, beautiful abodes to stay in with the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks to help you fall asleep. I mean, what else could you want right?


Have you been to Tofino? If so, what did you like about it?


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