Learning How To Surf in Tofino

I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, for as long as I can remember it’s remained on the top of my bucket list and never had the chance to do it. That is, until now, where I learned how to ride the waves (read: fall down almost every single time) and meet my goal of learning a new sport on the beautiful Tofino island.

learning-to-surf-in-tofinolearning-to-surf-in-tofinolearning-to-surf-in-tofinolearning-to-surf-in-tofinolearning-to-surf-in-tofinolearning-to-surf-in-tofinolearning-to-surf-in-tofinoThese are quite hilarious photos I’m not going to lie, and sharing them with you is something I’m happy about because they really tell a story in my opinion, a story of a fashion blogger who has no idea how to surf. Lol.

learning-to-surf-in-tofinoThis photo. So funny.

learning-to-surf-in-tofinoThis is when I finally got it (for a second at least haha).

learning-to-surf-in-tofinoThe surf teacher (Krissy) was so stoked I finally got it!

learning-to-surf-in-tofinoAnd yeah, pretty happy I got it too, hence the rock n’ roll sign. #cool

Learning to surf is quite difficult, but as hard as it is, it’s a blast. Even after falling in the water so many times, I felt myself laughing and smiling so much because its something you just have to go with. That’s the amazing thing about the ocean, when you’re surfing (learning how to surf) you feel like you’re really moving with the waves, even jumping over the bigger waves when you aren’t going to surf on them it felt like a rhythm, something that you can just move with. It’s kind of one of those things where you have to experience it yourself because trying to explain it might not make that much sense.

learning-to-surf-in-tofinolearning-to-surf-in-tofinoI had the greatest surf teacher from Surf Sister, she was so patient with me and determined to make sure I got a wave in on my board (which I did, finally!) Tofino is one of the best places to learn how to surf because the waves aren’t too strong but are still quite prominent enough to get a good surf in, especially for the locals who are dedicated enough to get up bright and early (I’m talking 7 AM) to catch a good wave.

Have you ever been surfing? If so, I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!


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