Palm Leaf Print Bikini

I love that Vancouver is starting to get warmer out because it means beach days are here. When I shot this look, the weather was very warm (don’t worry I’m not crazy, even though a girls gotta get the shot) and the water was warm too. palm-leaf-print-bikinipalm-leaf-print-bikini palm-leaf-print-bikinipalm-leaf-print-bikini I love when bathing suits have the bra-like back to them, it’s such a cool way to wear them.IMG_8172One of my favourite trends for the spring is palm-leaf prints, it’s a nice subtle statement and can look great with many different pieces. As such, palm-leaf prints in a bathing suit are perfect, and I love the colour of this one, it even matches the water. palm-leaf-print-bikinipalm-leaf-print-bikini

IMG_8178 IMG_8180 IMG_8193 IMG_8195 IMG_8206Bikini and Sunglasses: c/o ILY Mix | Birkenstocks: Kohls |

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