Nita Lake Lodge Poolside

There is nothing more that I love about hotels are the beautiful pools they have. I have always been a lover of swimming, it’s just something about being in the water and feeling free amongst the waves and/or saltwater that I feel so happy. Recently, I stayed at Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler, BC for a beautiful weekend getaway. They are one of the most relaxing hotels in Whistler, you truly feel the oasis of being engulfed within the gorgeous mountains and treetops nearby, they also have one of the best spas in Whistler too. It’s a nice break from the hustle and bustle of city life and always nice to try delicious meals such as the ones offered at Aura Restaurant in the lodge and Cure Lounge.nita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcI’m also loving this swimsuit, the colours are gorgeous together, and I just love the cut of it too. It’s neoprene so it’s extremely comfortable and absorbs water easily too which is nice for when you want to quickly go for a dip and head out afterwards. nita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcI’m so excited for the summer, such a great time of year and I can’t wait for all the adventures to come. Bring on pool days, please.nita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-poolside-whistler-bcA few pool party essentials I love:

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