Nita Lake Lodge | Whistler BC

I was so thrilled to be back at Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler a few weekends ago. It is one of my favourite places to go for an escape from the city. Not only do they have the most amazing spa there and a completely relaxing vibe but they have the friendliest staff too, I just always feel so welcomed and I feel like people are truly genuine there. nita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcThis was the incredible popsicle punch served at Aura..the perfect cocktail for the summer.nita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bc


nita-lake-lodge-whistler-bcThe rooms are pretty amazing too, the gorgeous suites with the killer views and the beautiful fireplaces are all simply stunning to me. nita-lake-lodge-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-whistler-bcBut, not only does Nita Lake Lodge offer a gorgeous stay, but they have some of the best restaurants too. I had the distinct pleasure of dining at Aura Patio in the lodge, the food was incredible. I just love fresh seafood, locally grown produce and of course, delicious sips. If you haven’t been to Aura, I would highly recommend it because they have a gorgeous two-tier patio which overlooks the glasslike Nita Lake. It’s the perfect place to dine while engulfed in mountains, trees and the lake. nita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcI love long table dinners, such a great way to meet new people and enjoy good conversation amongst delicious food.nita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcOnce you’re done dining, take a spin out one of the kayaks or canoes for a serene paddle. nita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcnita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcNot only can Aura restaurant do an amazing dinner but they rock brunch too.nita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcLooking for the best way to travel to Whistler from Vancouver? Book a car service with Ridebooker and you will have such a wonderful experience, the drive is amazing anyways, but being in the drivers seat you sometimes can’t enjoy every aspect along the windy road to the mountain, this way you can. Take your camera and make sure to stop along the road at some of the viewpoints. You won’t be disappointed, there’s always something beautiful to see. nita-lake-lodge-aura-restaurant-patio-whistler-bcThe interior of the car, details that I love; your own heat adjustments. #yesplease

Thank you Nita Lake Lodge for such a wonderful stay, I’ll definitely be back.

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  1. Betty Welter
    July 6, 2016 / 2:37 am

    I have visited Nita Lake Lodge and your content and pictures completely capture the beauty and elegance of the lodge.

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