The Perfect Denim Bikini

This bikini is perfect for the beach and is great for suntanning. I just love the denim style because its so trendy right now and I love the cut of it and the details, especially the cute arrow tie ups. Another thing I love about this look is the pom pom dress which I wore previously in a recent street style post here, it actually makes for a great bikini coverup. cutest-summer-beach-coverupcutest-summer-beach-coverupcutest-summer-beach-coverupcutest-summer-beach-coverupcutest-summer-beach-coverupcutest-summer-beach-coverupcutest-summer-beach-coverupI love exploring in Vancouver because there are so many hidden gems around, take this area for instance, the rocks and greenery is just stunning, almost as if I were somewhere exotic. The perfect shoes for this kind of exploring are my Emu Australia sandals because they’re super comfy and the perforated details are great for warmer days because they don’t make my feet too sweaty or anything.cutest-summer-denim-bathing-suitcutest-summer-denim-bathing-suitcutest-summer-denim-bathing-suitcutest-summer-denim-bathing-suitcutest-summer-denim-bathing-suitI’m feeling quite Canadian in this post with the chambray shirt and the denim bikini, it’s my version of a Canadian tux.cutest-summer-denim-bathing-suitcutest-summer-denim-bathing-suitcutest-summer-denim-bathing-suitcutest-summer-denim-bathing-suitcutest-summer-denim-bathing-suitcutest-summer-denim-bathing-suitcutest-summer-denim-bathing-suitBikini: c/o Seafolly Australia | Chambray shirt: Dynamite | Shoes: c/o Emu Australia | Sunglasses: Rayban | Towel: Privilege Clothing | Dress: c/o AMI Clubwear |

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