The Algarve Region, Portugal

Okay, so after much thought and consideration, I decided to do my blogging on Portugal a bit differently than originally planned. I am still going to write a Portugal travel guide with tips on where to go, eat and stay but because I took a huge array of photos and want to describe them in full detail, I’m going to split up Portugal into different, dedicated posts. beautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalThe first one I bring you is all about the beautiful (words can’t describe) Algarve region. If you have been here before, than I bet you know what I’m talking about. It’s stunning, the views are incredible, the waves crashing against the soft sand, the caves engulfed into the rugged rocks and of course, the colour of the water. To get to this particular spot, we had to climb down the steps leading to the beach from our hotel (we stayed at Tivoli Hotels in Carvoeiro, Algarve) and it was such a cool experience to land somewhere you never thought your resort could have. beautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalThe best part about being a blogger and traveling is the fact that you already have your ‘blogger eye’ (as I like to call it) on, it’s all about finding the right spots to catch the sunset where it should be and all about the right moments. Now for me, someone very dedicated to getting the right destinations, I wanted to really enjoy the moment, you know living in the now and everything? What a beautiful place to do so. If you happen to be traveling to Portugal, than I would highly suggest that you make a point to visit the Algarve region, in particular Carvoeiro. Another great spot with steps you can climb down to get to the water is Lagos, specifically Praia do Camilo. It’s absolutely gorgeous.beautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalThis photo was really cool looking back at it, it’s one of those things where you don’t really think about it and you just take it and it turns out, just love the way the sun glistens on the water. So stunning.beautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalSo, like I said, there are tons more posts and pictures coming from Portugal, but for now, I wanted to start with a place that really caught my attention. Hope you enjoy and thank you for following along with me on my adventures.beautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalAlso, side note: loving this bikini I wore from Moontide Swimwear, it was the perfect style for my adventures, besides, the pop of colour was beautiful with the ocean and rocks. Also, on another note: If you’re planning on climbing rocks like I did, opt for comfortable shoes, sneakers work but so do these perforated sandals from Emu Australia, the perforated detailing are great for those warmer days on foot and the style is neutral so they come in handy to pair with a variety of looks.beautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalbeautiful-views-in-the-algarve-region-portugalBathing suit: c/o Moontide Swimwear | Shorts: Romwe | Shoes: c/o EMU Australia |

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  1. Stephanie smith
    April 14, 2017 / 5:04 pm

    Amazingly done krys awesome photography proud of you keep this up. You have alot of talent ahead of you way to go. Just beautiful photographs! Congrats keep it up girly! 😊😍😘

      April 15, 2017 / 1:55 am

      Thank you so much, Stephanie! That’s so sweet 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

  2. August 21, 2017 / 4:14 pm

    We are heading to Portugal in just a few weeks and will be in the Algarve a bit. Can’t wait to read the rest of your Portugal posts in order to get some more ideas on where to stop.

    Elizabeth |

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