GirlinBetsey x Standout Boutique Jewelry Collection!

I was bursting at the seams all week because I wanted to share this exciting news with you all, I have collaborated with one of my favourite local Vancouver jewelry designers Standout Boutique and have curated a jewelry collection! I’m so excited because this is something I have always wanted to do, and to be able to collaborate with someone you admire is such a great feeling.inspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueThis collection is called ‘Inspire’ and it’s because that’s exactly how both of us felt when we met each other. We felt so motivated by one another and wanted to work together to achieve something beautiful. There are so many creatives out there in the city and all around us and we felt this was a wonderful combination of two artists coming together to create something beautiful out of scratch.inspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueIt all started with an idea, and this is the perfect way to bring the artists community together. This collection was inspired by pieces that we both feel resemble us, dainty but edgy at the same time, and because I have such an affinity for marble (in this case, we used howlite) in some of the pieces along with calming colours of blues, turquoises and golds. This collection is a true representation of beauty, the calming turquoise colours remind of the soothing but alive tones in the ocean and the strong gold metal is something I have always been drawn to opposed to the other metals. inspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueThese pieces are very easy to work into your wardrobe, whether you have a casual look or a more refined look, they are very versatile and can be transitioned into the fall season easily. Layer them, or wear them on their own, these pieces can be worn a multitude of ways. inspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueinspire-jewelry-collection-girl-in-betsey-and-standout-boutiqueSpecial thanks to the amazing team at Standout Boutique for making this collection possible!

Check out some of the collection here. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Shirt: c/o EShakti | Shorts: c/o American Eagle | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff | Shoes: c/o AMI Clubwear |

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