Healthy Meals for Busy Bodies on the Go

So, I am all about being busy and being constantly on the go, but, at times this can affect my health and nourishment. It can be quite a drag to take time out of your day and make lunches for the week ahead, it’s so time consuming and you don’t know if you’re getting the right amount of protein, carbs and nutrients because you’re likely in a rush and not paying attention. That’s why when I heard about Vital Supply Co, I knew it was going to be right up my alley.healthy-meals-on-the-gohealthy-meals-on-the-goVital Supply Co is a meal delivery service dedicated to offering healthy, substantial meals for at home or in office environments. Vital meals are crafted to deliver both energizing and tasty meals. What I love about Vital Supply Co is the fact that none of their food is processed and everything is made from scratch. Their meals are gluten free and dairy free, and everything has been locally sourced free from chemicals and pesticides.healthy-meals-on-the-gohealthy-meals-on-the-goI just love the fact that you can order delicious ready-to-go meals at the drop of a hat with this company, it’s saved so much time in preparing lunches and dinners and it’s perfect for when you need a quick bite before running around on meetings and at events.healthy-meals-on-the-gohealthy-meals-on-the-goThe meals taste delicious, you can really tell they put time and effort into crafting healthy, but tasty options. I got to try the Salmon with Pineapple Salsa and it was amazing, the salsa flavour was a great addition to the sockeye salmon. I also tried the Roasted Fennel + Cauliflower Nourish Bowl, the flavour was also just right, it came with a delicious mustard sauce and it was quite filling too. For a snack, I also tried the Stanley Park Nutrition Bars which were great, they really packed a punch and gave me energy for the day.healthy-meals-on-the-gohealthy-meals-on-the-goIf you’re like me and busy running around and don’t have time to make meals 24/7, I would highly recommend ordering from Vital Supply Co. They have affordable prices and a huge menu of items to choose from, including the option to order breakfast, salads, mains and snacks.healthy-meals-on-the-goThank you to Vital Supply Co for giving me the opportunity to try out your service.

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