How to Style a Knit Skirt

Even though Vancouver is having quite the warm weather right now, I’m trying to slowly transition my outfits from summer into fall. I’m doing this by pairing skirts with jackets and sweaters. I’ve always loved knit pieces, and this skirt was a total steal from the annual Aritzia warehouse sale. I love how Aritzia’s pieces fit so well and hug your curves just the right amount, therefore this skirt is going to be perfect for me come cooler days.styling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallOn a much cooler day, I would pair this skirt with tights and booties, but for this sunny autumn afternoon, wearing only a skirt was just fine. For work, I will wear this skirt with a top and a blazer, both a blouse or t-shirt would look great. styling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallstyling-a-knit-skirt-for-fallWhat pieces are you trying to transition for fall? 

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