Walking the Streets in Lisbon, Portugal

Walking the narrow, cobblestone streets of Lisbon is an absolute dream. It’s such a magical city, so many people are around and the buildings are all so colourful and unique, we’re talking blue tiles everywhere. There are so many great places to visit when you’re in Portugal, in particular Lisbon, so I’ll just name a few that really struck a chord with me (I’m still working on my Portugal travel guide which will have a comprehensive list of places to see). visiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugal

You’ve got to make a stop in Sintra to see the Da Pena Palace, believe it or not but these are the pictures we took on the hike up to the palace (yes, you read that right, we decided to unknowlingly hike up to the palace, hah.) It’s a gorgeous place, the exterior is done up in vibrant oranges and yellows, the original blue tiling and of course, the meticulous craftsmanship is out of this world. visiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalOne tip I will give you though is make sure you have your walking shoes on. It should be pretty obvious, but we hadn’t planned on hiking up to the palace (it’s about 6-12 KM give or take!) and I’m so happy I brought my Vans sneakers with me. What I love about this particular style is how easy and lightweight they are, making them perfect long days on foot and of course for packing purposes too. These are very versatile, comfortable and stylish with the cute rose gold details. I would definitely recommend picking up a pair of these asap because they’re going to come in handy for many different events, I’m telling you, I basically lived in them when I was in Portugal and I’m so happy they go with my office looks too because I can be comfy at work (who doesn’t love that?!)visiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalTo be honest, had I known I was going for a strenuous hike this day, I wouldn’t have worn one of most girly outfits, but thankfully this dress was lightweight and soft enough to work. Also, again, so happy I didn’t choose to bring heels that day either, thank god for my trusty Vans.visiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalThis palace was stunning too, it’s called Quinta da Regaleira and it was beautiful, I don’t know if the pictures do it justice but the building is so intricate in design. There are so many cool nooks and crannies here, we even spotted secret passages too which was very neat. visiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalvisiting-beautiful-castles-in-portugalDress: Romwe | Shoes: c/o Union Jack Boots | Sunglasses: Dior | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff |

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