How to Wear Pink if You’re Not That Girly

Today’s post is dedicated to those who aren’t overly girly, like me, you’re the girls who wear pink with black, florals with leather and frills with rips. I’m not going to lie, pink is a beautiful colour and I really love picking up some pretty blooms from the market, but I’m just a strong proponent of wearing it day to day. how-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyhow-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyhow-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyhow-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlySo, what do you do when this season’s trends are pink and blush tones erring on the side of girly? For me, I decided to pair my pink bomber with black ripped denim and my new Adidas Superstar sneaks, which I’m just loving. I can still be on trend but give it my own spin at the same time, which is what personal style is all about, hey?how-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyhow-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyhow-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyhow-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyhow-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyI’m really loving the bomber trend this season, I can’t wait to pick up another one in a different colour and pair it with a cute miniskirt and tights with booties. how-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyhow-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyhow-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyhow-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyhow-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyhow-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyhow-to-wear-pink-if-you're-not-that-girlyBomber: Forever 21 | Jeans: c/o Topshop | Shoes: Adidas |

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