White Water Rafting in Whistler, BC

For the first time ever, a few weeks ago I embarked on a new adventure white water rafting, an adventure of sorts where was transported to a beautiful landscape surrounded by the rugged forms of nature. This was at the stunning Green Lake in Whistler, BC where I went white water rafting on the Green River (started out on the lake, then the river). It was such a wonderful experience, so exhilarating.

white-water-rafting-in-whistler-bcI believe it’s important to do things that make you step outside of your comfort zone, I’ve always been a proponent of adventurous activities, but of course, like many get scared at first. If you’re feeling a bit on edge, don’t worry because white water rafting with TAG Whistler is the greatest experience. The guides are extremely knowledgable, humorous, fun and of course, safe too. They are so warm and kind and really want you to get to know one another. In the bus on the way up to the spot, they had us break the ice a little bit with small introductions, something I thought was a great way to begin a new adventure, it’s nice to know who you’re paddling in a boat with hey?

white-water-rafting-in-whistler-bcIf you’ve never been white water rafting, I would highly recommend doing it with TAG Whistler, they’re an adventure company which offers many different fun, exciting activities and they have the best employees. Whistler is one of the most amazing places here in BC, and really, the world, so to be able to experience it here was a phenomenal thing. As a beginner, you can start at a lower level of rapids, we did 3 and will definitely be going back for another round, possibly for level 5 next time.

white-water-rafting-in-whistler-bcThis activity is fun, keeps the heart pounding (in a good way) and offers the escape we all need from the 9-5 life. After all, life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

white-water-rafting-in-whistler-bcThanks to Tourism Vancouver and TAG Whistler for the amazing experience and for these photos. I can’t wait to come back again!

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