Vancouver’s Best Pumpkin Patch

Spending a day at the pumpkin patch is the quintessential fall activity, and to spruce things up I decided to dress my doggie Bella in her pumpkin costume. She was actually a good girl, didn’t make too much of a fuss over wearing it but of course many people made a fuss about it because not often do you see a cute dog in a pumpkin costume at the pumpkin patch. New tradition, I think so. vancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchIf you are looking for a good pumpkin patch here in Vancouver, you must check out Abby Roadside, it’s one of the only pumpkin patches that actually allows dogs, and not just allows dogs but makes them feel very welcome with their very own drinking (water) stations. So cute. vancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchIt’s a great place for both kids and adults because there is a kids play area and a beer tasting corn maze for the adults with a beer garden too. Such a good idea. It was the most beautiful fall day for this, the sun was shining and the dog tails were wagging.vancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchAs for my outfit, I kept it casual but cosy for this outing, the sweater is so comfortable and plaid is so in right now for fall too. vancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchvancouvers-best-pumpkin-patchIf you’re ever around Vancouver and are looking for a pumpkin patch to go to, I highly suggest this one. It’s very well thought out and there is lots to keep you entertained.


  1. October 7, 2016 / 10:47 pm

    This is such a fun post! I’ve never actually been to a pumpkin patch before so maybe I’ll go this year! Your dog is just so cute, she looks like she’s having a great time out in the Sun there!


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