The Perfect Halloween Recipes

I don’t always cook, but when I do I really like to get into it. We had so much fun this past weekend in the kitchen making Halloween-inspired spooky snacks. We made these with Flatbread, which is an awesome food to create tons of different, creative ideas. It acts as the perfect canvas, and all you really need to get creative is a blank canvas and a dash of imagination. Check out our ideas below!

recipe-ideas-for-halloween-1recipe-ideas-for-halloweenMummies in flatbread, AKA pigs in blankets. Oh, and a bit of witch’s stew complete with eyeballs.

recipe-ideas-for-halloweenA bit of a graveyard and some bloody cocktails.

recipe-ideas-for-halloweenSome ogres in blankets too, but also the best-baked item ever..with granny smith apples, flatbread, cinnamon and caramel sauce. It’s deadly good.

recipe-ideas-for-halloweenSome grumpy witches and witch fingers too. (The witches will make a delicious and healthy sandwich!)

recipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenrecipe-ideas-for-halloweenAnd there ya have it, I hope these recipes inspire you for a wonderful, safe Halloween!


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