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I’m all about discovering new products lately and so I wanted to introduce a new series of mine, it will be dedicated to all of my favourites from the month. So, let me get straight to love AdoreMe and have been a huge fan of them for a long time, so I’m so happy to finally have some pieces from their line. I picked out this beautiful blush pink bralette and I’m absolutely obsessed, it’s so perfect for the fall season but will look cute in the summer too. You really have to check out their website because they have a huge selection of pieces (at great prices too!!) I’m also really coveting this grey knit from Romwe Amazon, it’s so comfortable for the cold, dreary days and fits nicely too. This is one of my favourite online resources because they carry a huge selection of pieces (my bomber from this post here is from there too) and they too have unbeatable price, I really like Lise London because they are a brand of luxury natural fragrances, formulated and Made in France according to the tradition of Masters’ Perfumers. Cool hey? This fragrance company is so interesting because it has a Manual printed inside each box giving tips on Life and Love. The fragrances are often related to literary Masterpieces and inspirational people. I really love that you can change up your scent throughout the week, even based off of your moods if you like, it’s like changing up your outfits. Such a great concept!my-favourite-products-for-octobermy-favourite-products-for-octoberThese patches from La Roche-Posay are great for sun care, it’s a stretchable skin sensor designed to monitor UV exposure and help consumers educate themselves about sun protection. These come in handy even for the fall season too because it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, you should always take care of your skin and in the winter with the bright glare of snow. Love these, they’re super easy to use and it’s super cutting-edge technology. I also like the Lreverack because it’s a powerful anti-aging serum really reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles (always on board for that!). It’s like having a facelift but without the pain and high cost. You can buy this product here: really loved trying out the DERMA E products both the Hydrating Day Creme and Hydrating Night Cream are amazing. They really help hydrate your skin and work quite well for traveling. I also love the chic packaging as it’s sleek and simple, not flashy and embodies what the brand is all about which is achieving the best quality made products. You can find the products online here: http://www.dermae.commy-favourite-products-for-octobermy-favourite-products-for-octobermy-favourite-products-for-octobermy-favourite-products-for-octobermy-favourite-products-for-octoberI’m really excited about this local line from BC called Chorus which is all about natural products but luxurious at the same time. They have a variety of skincare, body care and wellness products and are focused only on using the best of the best, all natural ingredients. They even won the Clean Beauty Awards in Toronto. I tried the Peel and just loved it! I really wanted to add this product to my skincare routine because I love how it makes my skin feel after getting it done at facials, it always makes my skin feel fresh, new and super soft. This one definitely didn’t disappoint, and because it’s made with natural ingredients, I love it even more. Peels are great because they get rid of the dead skin (sorry if that’s gross!) and helps create new skin. It’s the perfect way to start your week, it’s become my Sunday ritual. Also, Chorus has a huge selection of products and I loved every single one I got to try. I would definitely check them hope you found some new products you can add to your skincare routine and hope you like the new series! Let me know what else you would like to see, or if you want to become apart of my series email me here: Thanks and have a great week! Xox

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  1. October 21, 2016 / 4:15 am

    those UV exposure patches seem like a really rad idea! I’m the worst with wearing sunscreen but those would definitely help!

    xx Kate

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