The Only Skincare Products You Need This Fall

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again, having a skincare routine is one of the most important (and best) things you can do for yourself. When I was in highschool (and even in University) I didn’t pay attention to this, I just used whatever products and washed my face with soap and water, using minimal moisturizer, the works. All bad. I truly regret that and I hope you don’t fall into the same habits.

the-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallthe-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallNow that I have really invested into a skincare routine I have never felt better. I love it, there’s nothing better on a Friday night to take some time out of your night after a long day and baby your skin. As the weather changes, so does skincare regimen. The products I have added since my last Skincare post from the summer add extra hydration and keep my skin glowing despite the colder temperature.

the-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallthe-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallFirst, I want to talk about how much I am absolutely loving my Clarisonic Deep Pore Mia 2. I’ve always wanted one and am so glad to finally own one. I tried this device for a week and my skin has never felt better, it’s so soft and honestly it feels like I just had an at home facial. My skin is even brighter after using it, everyone has been commenting on it this week and I think it’s definitely made a huge difference with the appearance of my pores. It’s a very gentle device, and should be your first step in a skincare routine. I’m not going to lie, every night after I got home I became so excited to use my Clarisonic, it just felt like I was truly giving my skin some love, also it’s very easy to figure out, no confusing steps involved at all.

the-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallthe-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallThis is going to make an amazing gift idea, in fact, I know someone who really wants one and her birthday is coming up so I’m definitely going to grab it for her (she screamed when she saw I had it!). This device would make a perfect holiday gift too because it shows you really care about what the person wants and it’s something anyone can use. For 15% off your own Clarisonic device, use the code ‘HERCAMPUS’ at checkout, valid through November 20th.

the-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallthe-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallThe other products that I love to use are my Almay Eye Makeup Remover, these makeup remover pads are great, they take off waterproof mascara and are super gentle on the eyes. I also love how small the package is so it’s perfect for taking traveling. I also love my Philosophy Re-Energizing Moisture Mask because it’s perfect for hydrating your skin, especially when the weather turns colder and dryer. It’s great to use in the morning after waking up all tired and groggy, a great way to re-energize for the day!

the-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallthe-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallI’m also really loving the Exuviance Retexturing Treatment, it’s very exfoliating and banishes dry, flaky rough skin, I love how smooth it makes my skin feel! You can use it on your hands and your body and it makes an instant difference with the restoring of your smooth and glowing skin. Of course, I love my Raccine Skincare Eye Serum, I use it at night and have already noticed a huge difference in the fine wrinkles and lines underneath my eyes, also I’m crazy about the gold bottle. Powered by Brandbacker.

the-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallAnother one of my all-time favourite moisturizers is the Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Dry Moisturizer, it makes my skin super smooth and it’s not too heavy at all. I also love the new Philosophy Oil-Free Oxygenating Gel Cream, it’s also very lightweight and because it’s oil-free it doesn’t feel like you have too much on your face, it’s great for those long dry days because it delivers oxygen onto the skin. Of course, I love using my Aiona Alive E-Citrus Exfoliating Cleanser because it leaves my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

the-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallAnd there you have it, my extensive fall skincare routine.

the-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallthe-only-skincare-products-you-need-this-fallWhat are your must have products?

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