Tips for Avoiding the Flu This Fall

With October here and abundant with leaves falling and trees changing colour, that also means it’s flu season. Unfortunately, working in an office you can be quite prone to catching something, you know, with the close quarters and all. That’s why I have done some research and pulled together tips on how to avoid getting the dreaded flu this year. It all starts with these smoothies from Vancouver based company The Good Stuff. The great thing about this brand is it’s all about supporting B.C. farmers, and I’m definitely about local companies because it not only strengthens our economy but our local food system too. how-to-stave-off-flu-seasonhow-to-stave-off-flu-seasonhow-to-stave-off-flu-seasonhow-to-stave-off-flu-seasonhow-to-stave-off-flu-seasonhow-to-stave-off-flu-seasonThe Good Stuff offers ready-to-blend superfood smoothies, delivered right to your door. This is honestly a Godsend for busy bodies on the go, seriously, all I had to do to make this was pour a bit of rice milk (you can use regular milk, I just don’t drink it) and pour in my smoothie in my already measured recyclable cup and blend until smooth. It’s perfect for taking on the way to work and it gives me all my needed nutrients and vitamins. how-to-stave-off-flu-seasonI tried out Kitsilano Sunrise made with: carrot, banana, chard, spinach, brazil nuts, maple syrup, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper. It was so good, and I know that it was very healthy, was filling too. Also tried The Easy Greens and it had: cucumber, apple, pear, kale, chard, chia seeds, lemon, juice, spearmint. This was perfect for lunch, the greens made me feel refreshed and I love how it has chia seeds in it because chia is great for your skin too. And then I tried The Wise Ninja which had: gold beet, banana, kale, chard, plain yogurt, dates, ginger, orange extract, turmeric, black pepper. Another delicious one, because it has yogurt, I liked this one for breakfast. Yum!how-to-stave-off-flu-seasonhow-to-stave-off-flu-seasonSo here are some amazing reasons you need to give these smoothies a go: their frozen produce is up to 45% more nutritious than it’s grocery-shelf companions. And it means it stays great in your freezer for as long as you need – no more throwing out wilted kale. What I love about this concept is I can take out my smoothies when I need them, they come in handy when I accidentally sleep in too late and don’t have time to put together a well-rounded breakfast. And, last but definitely not least these are all customized for each individuals taste buds, if you want a cucumber system cleanse or a chocolate muscle builder than The Good Stuff has your back. how-to-stave-off-flu-seasonhow-to-stave-off-flu-seasongeneral tips for avoiding the flu this season:

  1. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. This goes both ways, try to keep your distance when you’re sick too (stay home from work!!)
  2. Cover your mouth and nose. This should be ovbious but it can really help prevent from spreading germs.
  3. Wash your hands!
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. This rings true while riding in transit, if you have to touch the bars than avoid touching your face afterwards, you just never know.
  5. Practice good health habits. Clean, disinfect, get plenty of sleep, be active, manage your stress (treating yourself to your favourite food or a new outfit can do wonders for your happiness levels), drink plenty of fluids (I am honestly obsessed with drinking a glass of orange juice a day, it really works for me!),  and of course, eat nutritious food, including The Good Stuff smoothies.

how-to-stave-off-flu-seasonAnd there ya have it, I really hope these tips help you from getting sick this season! To be healthy it doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen, you can find ways to be healthy on the go. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

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  1. Karin Tischler
    October 16, 2016 / 5:07 pm

    Great article! I was reading it while drinking The Madagascar smoothie which is one of my favorite smoothie from The Good Stuff. I also really like The Diesel Monster.

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