How to Style a Bomber Jacket

I love a great bomber, it’s one of my favourite trends this season, it’s super comfortable and makes any outfit that much cuter. I think to get away with the bomber trend not being too casual or athletic you have to pair it with some beautiful statement pieces. The statement piece I am in love with right now is my Chloe bag. It’s the perfect colour because you can wear it for both fall, winter season as it’s a nice pop in your otherwise subdued wardrobe and it would be great for the spring, summer season too to match all your cute tunics and dresses. I got my Chloe from a wonderful online website called Lyst, the shopping experience is very unique and it’s great because the more you use this platform, the more it learns about you and your shopping habits so you start to only see the things you love. Lyst also has a huge selection of bombers too, I’m really coveting this satin one here. I also paired my bomber with my favourite 70’s style floral blouse and high waisted frayed hem jeans which are both from Lyst. This outfit works because the top is shorter so it enhances the high waisted style of the jeans and the hem is shorter so you can really see the pointed addition to making a tailored shopping experience, users can also list items to plan their wardrobes and wish lists and also be alerted when anything they list goes on sale and comes back in stock. Pretty fancy system, hey? They have a huge assortment of brands online including Gucci, Coach, Miu Miu (seriously coveting these shoes right now!)how-to-style-a-bomber-jackethow-to-style-a-bomber-jackethow-to-style-a-bomber-jackethow-to-style-a-bomber-jackethow-to-style-a-bomber-jacketAmongst the array of brands Lyst carries, they have all kinds of pieces to choose from including tops, heels, flats, and jeans. Like I said, the jeans I am wearing are from here and I love the style, they aren’t too frayed at the bottom but just enough to give a bit more detail. These pieces are not only great for pairing with my bomber jacket, but they will be perfect for the spring, summer season too. I’m already imagining how chic the floral blouse would look with a pair of high waisted is definitely my new go-to shopping resource, I just don’t have time to go shopping in the stores anymore, and with all the work basically done for me why wouldn’t I use Lyst?how-to-style-a-bomber-jackethow-to-style-a-bomber-jackethow-to-style-a-bomber-jacketAlso, FYI, this bomber is from Romwe Amazon, I just love it, it’s super comfy and I love the colour of the

Bomber: c/o Romwe Amazon | Jeans: c/o Lyst | Bag: c/o Lyst | Shoes: c/o AMI Clubwear |

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  1. Betty Welter
    October 19, 2016 / 1:00 am

    Love the contrast of the military vibe with the bomber and the floral blouse.

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