Visiting the Vancouver Art Gallery

I love a good dose of culture, and especially when it’s in my own city. I always have so much fun being a tourist in my own city, and it’s amazing because sometimes you don’t even realize everything there is available to you until you take the day to really go out and explore. touring-the-vancouver-art-gallerytouring-the-vancouver-art-galleryI visited the Vancouver Art Gallery a few weekends ago while the Picasso exhibit was on and the Hermes Paris workshop too. The Picasso exhibit was very interesting, it was all about the artist and his many muses. He was known for his huge contribution to great art in the 20th century and is one of the masters of Modernism. Who knew Picasso was such a ladies man? I didn’t and now I know who inspired the artists most famous pieces. It just goes to show how people can have a true significance on your life, right? touring-the-vancouver-art-gallerytouring-the-vancouver-art-gallerytouring-the-vancouver-art-galleryAs for the Hermes exhibit, it was called Hermes At Work and was amazing. It was a workshop showcasing the craftsmanship that goes into the most classic pieces from this wonderful brand. It was so interesting to see how much work goes into the making of these items, it’s truly artwork and was very inspiring to see so many passionate people together in one room. touring-the-vancouver-art-gallerytouring-the-vancouver-art-gallerytouring-the-vancouver-art-galleryTo go along with my day of culture, I chose a simple but intricate velvet sheath dress with embroidery details and 70s bell sleeves. I love this look for fall, it can be worn with tights as a dress like I did in this post or even as a longer tunic with a pair of skinny jeans. touring-the-vancouver-art-gallerytouring-the-vancouver-art-gallerytouring-the-vancouver-art-gallerytouring-the-vancouver-art-gallerytouring-the-vancouver-art-gallerytouring-the-vancouver-art-galleryWhat do you like to do in your own city? Do you ever play tourist for the day?

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  1. Betty Welter
    October 3, 2016 / 11:52 am

    great images

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