A Delicious Gin Cocktail for the Holidays

With the holidays coming up there is so much to think about; décor, food, drink and entertainment along with everything else. I wanted to showcase a delicious cocktail (and mocktail) that you can make in only a few minutes that actually tastes good. Trust me, your girlfriends are going to love these come holiday season and the many upcoming Girls Night In events coming your way, it’s truly going to elevate your social gatherings and you’re going to be voted best bartender of the group.

a-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysThe reason I chose to work with gin is because it’s a liquor that I haven’t always gravitated towards but have recently become intrigued by, I think it’s because it’s always on the ‘Must Drink of the Season’ list. To be honest, I’ve never found it to be that good, my friends would always drink it when we would hang out but I never understood why. Which is why I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone this holiday season with a new recipe I can actually enjoy. To create this Christmas Gin, only a few ingredients were needed to put this concoction together, something that’s perfect to whip up for all you busy bodies working 9-5, hey?

a-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysUsually cocktails made with gin and vermouth are quite dry, as in the classic martini; so to liven it up and make it appealing to everyone’s palate, the Tropicana Watermelon and Tangerine Lemonade are great mixes. They make your drinks instantly sweeter; a nice balance with a gin-based drink and you can’t even tell there’s liquor in it. What I love about Tropicana is there are no artificial sweeteners and no artificial flavours, just plain ol’ real goodness. Every gin has juniper berry in it. As a garnish I used mint (as a complement to the juniper berry) to add a little kick and a festive look; you could also use a sprig of rosemary as an optional festive look. I added pomegranate quills on the bottom but you could substitute cranberries as well. Of course, because holiday parties consist of many people having to drive home afterward, I wanted to ensure this drink could be enjoyed by those who choose not to drink alcohol, and thus, the Tropicana Watermelon and Tangerine Lemonade make for some absolutely mouth watering mocktails!

a-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysIt’s easy to keep the cocktails and the mocktails separate by using an herb sprig for the cocktails to compliment the liquor and a candy cane for all mocktails, then there won’t be a chance of mixing up the drinks.

a-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysGin is the trending choice of liquor this year because of the variety of notes you can get, barrel-aged gins are quite unique and bring a new popularity to your drink. The great thing about these drinks is how easy they are to make, only a few ingredients are required!

a-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysIngredients for Christmas Gin (Cocktail):

Tropicana Watermelon and/or Tropicana Tangerine Lemonade (4 ounces)

Gin (1 ounce)

A splash of Vermouth

Mint or rosemary garnish

Pomegranate or cranberry garnish over ice

Ingredients for Christmas Lemonade (Mocktail):

Tropicana Watermelon and/or Tropicana Tangerine Lemonade (5 ounces)

Candy cane garnish over ice

a-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysInstructions (Cocktail):

Measure out 4 ounces of Tropicana Watermelon or Tropicana Tangerine Lemonade in your glass, measure 1 ounce of gin and a splash of vermouth in the glass. Add ice, then garnishes.

a-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysInstructions (Mocktail):

Measure 5 ounces of Tropicana Watermelon or Tropicana Tangerine Lemonade in your glass; add ice, a nice berry, then garnish with a candy cane.

a-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysa-delicious-gin-cocktail-for-the-holidaysI partnered with my friends at Megan Media and Tropicana for this post. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. #MixedWithTrop


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