Where To Get A Mermaid Blanket

Mermaid blankets are popular this season for a reason (okay, incidental rhyming hehe). They’re so comfortable, warm and honestly way better than any old blanket. I really love reading my books or blogging while wrapped up in this blanket, it makes me feel like an actual mermaid, and it’s always been my dream to be one, so now I can pretend right?where-to-get-a-mermaid-blanketwhere-to-get-a-mermaid-blanketwhere-to-get-a-mermaid-blanketwhere-to-get-a-mermaid-blanketwhere-to-get-a-mermaid-blanketwhere-to-get-a-mermaid-blanketThe mermaid blanket I got is from Dress That and they have so many different pieces on their website from dresses to fancy and casual. They also have a huge variety of mermaid blankets to choose from, I got this one┬áin grey but it’s really a nice teal blue in person. I love the detailed crochet work and how soft it is.

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