How To Style A Blanket Scarf

Layering is key for this time of year, and there’s nothing that I love more than a good blanket scarf. This one is perfect for the fall because of the colours, I mean, it’s basically the entire backdrop within this scarf from ILYMIX. I’m obsessed with finding different ways to layer this season because to be honest it can look frumpy at times. how-to-style-a-blanket-scarf how-to-style-a-blanket-scarf

how-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfI think because I paired this blanket scarf with my leather jacket I can get away with it not looking overly frumpy because the jacket is sleek and short, there’s not much to that will hold me down. I think from now on, I will have to be cautious when trying to pair my scarves with my heavy coats, especially with the cold front coming on. how-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfI’m all about dainty jewelry and this necklace from Standout Boutique is perfect for pairing multiple layers with because it adds just the right amount of bling. how-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfhow-to-style-a-blanket-scarfJacket: Sheinside | Top: c/o Nudy Patooty | Jeans: Forever 21 | Heels: AMIClubwear | Scarf: c/o ILYMIX | Necklace: c/o Standout Boutique |

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