What To Get A Fashion Blogger for Christmas | Gift Guide

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I was so excited when Brydge wanted me to work together with them on creating a fabulous (and hopefully resourceful!) gift guide for all you fashion bloggers and fashion bloggers friends out there. Read on for tips on what to get those business savvy buds of yours. Fashion bloggers are their own breed almost, they are business women and men, they think differently, it’s all about pictures and what helps their businesses. If you have any friends or relatives who are fashion bloggers, then here is a guide on what to get them.what-to-get-a-fashion-blogger-for-christmasOf course, you need a chic candle, an inspiring coffee mug, and all the accessories for any fashion blogger to be prepared for their busy days, right? I think any fashion blogger has to run around to events and meetings need a reliable tote to carry around with them. I love how they can carry almost everything, you can even put your smaller handbag into it too if you want a small bag to shoot pictures with or something.what-to-get-a-fashion-blogger-for-christmas

One of the best inventions out there is the Brydge keyboard. Brydge turns your iPad into a Macbook because of the sleek keyboards, it’s such a great alternative to lugging around your Macbook, and you can easily fit both your iPad and the Brydge keyboard into your purse, voila. These come in a variety of colours including gold, silver and space grey.

For a limited time for the holidays, Brydge is offering discounts on all models of keyboards as well as bundle deals with accessories.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brydge.

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