New Year’s Eve Beauty Essentials

With New Year’s Eve coming right around the corner, I wanted to share my favourite products as of late and of course some of my favourite hairstyles and which products to use to achieve them. new-years-eve-beauty-essentialsnew-years-eve-beauty-essentialsnew-years-eve-beauty-essentialsI find with the cold weather my hair is all over the place, I’m talking static like crazy. That’s why I love using got2B’s Glossy Anti-Frizz Shine Serum, it’s perfect for this time of year with frizzy hair becoming uncontrollable due to wearing toques and beanies all winter. I love that this product is light-weight and doesn’t make my hair oily. new-years-eve-beauty-essentialsnew-years-eve-beauty-essentialsAnother go-to is my got2B Beach Trippin’ Salt-Infusion Waving Spray, I love this product because as most of you know, I always wear my hair curly and this product really helps the curls last all night long without looking too overdone. I don’t particularly care for tight curls so this product makes them look a bit more beachy and tousled because it’s a texture spray. Mermaid hair, yes, please.

Of course, a special night out on the town definitely calls for some prosecco and one of my favourite phone cases ever. Enter the jimmyCASE. What I love about this particular phone case is it can actually hold up to 6 cards on the back, perfect for a night out where you can’t exactly bring along your huge tote. This iPhone case with a card holder is perfect for running errands where you don’t want to haul around a heavy bag because since it holds up to 6 cards you can easily get things done without the hassle of lugging your purse around. Besides, you then have more room for your shopping bags and isn’t that the most important thing? It’s basically like a wallet for your iPhone. I also love the adorable wooden design, it’s very urban chic, super cute. If you wanted to spruce things up, you could even get an iPhone case from jimmyCASE that has the card holder in a different colour, or even patterned ones with different colour combinations of stripes too. I just love when companies put practicality first, but with these particular products, you don’t have to worry that they aren’t cute even though they’re but not least, I am a huge proponent of using dry shampoo and I’m loving got2b’s Rockin’ It 4 Ever Style Stay Dry Shampoo because it doesn’t make my hair feel dry and it makes my hairstyle last one more day. new-years-eve-beauty-essentialsThank you to got2B and jimmyCASE for partnering with me on this post, all opinions and thoughts remain my own.

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