Why You Need a Turtleneck Dress in Your Closet

This is one of my favourite pieces in my closet right now, the turtleneck dress, seen in this blog post here. I think it’s because you can really style it so many different ways, it’s versatile, classic, and it’s quite fitted. This particular style is from Aritzia but there are so many brands out there that carry similar ones.why-you-need-a-turtleneck-dress-in-your-wardrobewhy-you-need-a-turtleneck-dress-in-your-wardrobewhy-you-need-a-turtleneck-dress-in-your-wardrobeI really want this year to be all about making use of the pieces in my closet, I feel like we can all get so consumed with everyday life and fall prey to trends, but there are so many ways you can be trendy at the same time. For instance, we all know slip dresses came back into fashion in a huge way in 2016 and they’re not going anywhere this year. We also know that wearing tanks over dresses is huge too, it’s a great way to layer up in the cold and be stylish at the same time.why-you-need-a-turtleneck-dress-in-your-wardrobewhy-you-need-a-turtleneck-dress-in-your-wardrobewhy-you-need-a-turtleneck-dress-in-your-wardrobewhy-you-need-a-turtleneck-dress-in-your-wardrobewhy-you-need-a-turtleneck-dress-in-your-wardrobewhy-you-need-a-turtleneck-dress-in-your-wardrobeI wore my new purple cami from Dynamite over this turtleneck dress from Aritzia and I love how it turned out, also when paired with velvet booties, makes for an even trendier ensemble. I just love turtlenecks right now because of how classy they are, but when you find one that’s fitted, it can be sexy too.

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  1. Betty Welter
    January 30, 2017 / 10:30 pm

    great cold weather style!

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