The Perfect Wine for a Girls Night In

I like a good ol’ girls night in just as much as the next girl and what better way to start the new year off right with a some of the true few, some bits and bites and of course good vino? the-perfect-wine-for-a-girls-night-inthe-perfect-wine-for-a-girls-night-inthe-perfect-wine-for-a-girls-night-inthe-perfect-wine-for-a-girls-night-inthe-perfect-wine-for-a-girls-night-inI really love the Unreserved Wine label, it’s got such a nice nose to it, not too sweet but not too dry. If you’re looking for a delicious wine that pairs well with cheese, grapes, and some apple slices, this is the I recommend. Plus, it’s not expensive at all. the-perfect-wine-for-a-girls-night-inthe-perfect-wine-for-a-girls-night-inthe-perfect-wine-for-a-girls-night-inthe-perfect-wine-for-a-girls-night-inI think it’s nice to really enjoy the little moments with your girls and take the time out of your busy calendars to enjoy each others company. I know that for the New Year I’m going to make a solid effort to do just that. the-perfect-wine-for-a-girls-night-inthe-perfect-wine-for-a-girls-night-inthe-perfect-wine-for-a-girls-night-inWhat’s your go-to wine? Let me know in the comments below.

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