5 Things Anyone Can Improve in 2017

I know I’m not the only one to write about New Year’s resolutions but I think it’s important to reflect upon what a crazy ride 2016 was and share with you some things I learned the past year. I really want to try and focus on having more of a work-life balance, I know everyone says it but I think it’s important to be mindful of ways you can do this.the-perfect-little-black-dressthe-perfect-little-black-dressthe-perfect-little-black-dressFocus on one day at a time. By doing this, anyone can help to feel less overwhelmed and out of control. By focusing on every little thing you can start to feel like you’re never going to catch up, and that’s why I think it’s crucial to your wellbeing to take a deep breath and clear your mind.the-perfect-little-black-dressthe-perfect-little-black-dressthe-perfect-little-black-dressMake daily, weekly and monthly goals as opposed to yearly goals. The satisfaction of checking off a goal or task will give off positive vibes and make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. the-perfect-little-black-dressthe-perfect-little-black-dressthe-perfect-little-black-dressthe-perfect-little-black-dressDo simple things to improve your health. I know this sounds vague, but a few things can really make a difference. Drink fruit infused water throughout the day, pack more veggies for snacks at work, take the stairs instead of the escalator or walk around the block on your coffee break and get some fresh air. the-perfect-little-black-dressthe-perfect-little-black-dressthe-perfect-little-black-dressLeave office politics at the office. To safeguard a positive mental frame of mind, know when to switch off. the-perfect-little-black-dressthe-perfect-little-black-dressHave a positive mental state of mind. Think glass half full, position life’s challenges as opportunities to learn something new, become more resilient and adapt rather than have a fight or flight response.the-perfect-little-black-dressthe-perfect-little-black-dressthe-perfect-little-black-dressAll in all, enjoy the little moments in life, like enjoying an ice cream cone, petting a friendly animal, catching up with friends or simply smelling the roses.

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