Valentine’s Day with La Vie en Rose

I love this time of year because to me, Valentine’s Day isn’t about sharing it with my significant other (if I had one haha), it’s about sharing love with my family and friends of course that includes my dog, Bella. My dog Bella is quite special to me because she has quite a particular personality, she’s quite picky and knows what she wants, I guess you could say, she’s a real woman. (Haha). Every year, she has been my Valentine and I’m so thankful I get to spend another season with her, especially because there was a moment this year where we didn’t know if she was going to make it. We had a health scare and I am honestly so grateful she’s with me, it’s really about embracing and enjoying every single moment I have with her, every day is special and I know that our bond is just that.valentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-roseI’m the youngest sibling in my family and Bella knows it too, she acts like she’s older and she’s in charge of me. Like I said, she has quite the little personality.valentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-roseI’m super excited to be working with La Vie en Rose again because they have the most beautiful products and I am obsessed with this gorgeous blush kimono. It’s got the prettiest lacy details on the sleeve, and it’s just the right pink for me, a beautiful champagne like colour, I’m seriously keeping my eye out for a dress in this hue.valentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-roseI don’t think Valentine’s Day has to be about your significant other, I think it can be about anyone or anything you feel love for, it could be a celebration of what you’re passionate about, your favourite hobby, even a place you have a special spot in your heart for. Valentine’s Day is about love, yes, but it’s about any and all types of love. I hope you have a beautiful day with whoever or whatever you are doing.valentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-rosevalentines-day-with-la-vie-en-roseTo see another appearance of Bella, check out our Christmas post with La Vie en Rose and Laduree here. I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day, whatever you’re doing and whoever you’re spending it with, may it be wonderful. <3

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  1. February 5, 2017 / 8:13 pm

    La Vie en Rose is a brand that I’m a big supporter of because my first retail job was at one of their Aqua stores. I love your satin pink number and you and your pup are too cute! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend so far!

    xoxo Rina Samantha

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