3 Articles You Have to Read this Week: Part 2

The second week of my Thursday Thoughts series, this week it’s all about bitchy women and strong females,

Women Bashing Women Sucks, The Skinny Confidential

Not only is this blogger a legit #girlboss but she’s even more amazing for writing a blog post like this. She was basically ridiculed on the telephone by people who she thought she was going to work with. It’s amazing because in every scenario of life there are bitches, and I’m stoked that Lauryn had the guts to write about it. This is such a good read for all of those women out there who are feeling like they need a bit of inspiration and to keep forging on no matter the circumstances.women-bashing-women-sucks-the-skinny-confidential

I learned to #EmbraceAmbition – and Want Women Everywhere to Do the Same, Tory Burch, LinkedIn

This was a great read because it speaks the truth, it seems everyday women are shying away from ambition and it’s because of people, places, and circumstances that make them inferior. You shouldn’t have to apologize for doing what you love, it should be celebrated because it’s a big risk to take, to live a life of passion and to go after your dreams.3-articles-you-have-to-read-this-week

13 Tips for Getting + Staying Productive While Working From Home, Coming Up Roses

I loved this article because recently I’ve taken to working from home and these tips have definitely come in handy. A few that stood out to me; eliminate distractions (no TV, phone if you can, etc), make sure you eat and drink throughout the day, I’m terrible for this as I don’t want to leave my desk, but I know I need to hydrate myself to think properly, right?3-articles-you-have-to-read-this-weekImage via Pinterest

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Thursday Thoughts. Back next week!

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