Why You Should Stay at the Trump Hotel in Vancouver

If you’re looking for a luxurious hotel that embodies elegance and class then you should definitely stay at The Trump Hotel in Vancouver as it’s next-level level luxury. The hotel chain is known for their exceptional design and outstanding service and that’s what you get when you check into one of the many suites offered around the world.

why-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverwhy-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverThe hotel in Vancouver offers comfort to the max, with plush pillows, well-designed rooms, and incredible views. What’s quite cool about the Vancouver building, in particular, is that no one room has the same view because of the shape of the hotel. It’s also the second tallest building in Vancouver boasting 63 stories. The floor-to-ceiling windows embrace 360-views, which is why no two views are exactly alike. The hotel is home to one of the very first “Spa by Ivanka Trump” which offers a variety of services including manicures and pedicures at the salon.

why-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverwhy-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverTrump Hotels doesn’t just offer a stay, it offers a true experience, from exceptional award-winning Chinese cuisine at Mott 32, to the city’s coolest lounge, Drai’s Vancouver; and The Trump Champagne Lounge.

why-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverI had an incredible time at The Trump Champagne Lounge as it offered a relaxing but lively vibe, there were many plush chairs to sit on and I got to enjoy some canapes over intriguingĀ conversation. Drai’s is very exciting, it spans 2 floors and offers wonderful service.why-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverThe rooms are of course beautiful as expected complete with floor-to-ceiling windows boasting the best views of the city (we had a peek of the harbour which was a welcomed surprise). Our suite was spacious, and the bathrooms were light and bright with lots of walking room and big showers. To be honest, lighting is one of the most important factors to me in a hotel, I guess it’s because I’m a blogger and it’s crucial when trying to capture that perfect shot. As such, the lighting at Trump Hotel was perfect, I especially loved how you could adjust it for both daytime and evening. Some rooms even have soaker tubs overlooking Vancouver’s beautiful glass city. The space was very high-tech as we could even adjust the lighting, shades, and drapes all from an electronic screen on the wall. You can even select a Do Not Disturb option which will turn the doorbell light off outside of your room.


Along with the service, the room, and the views, the location of Trump Vancouver is perfect, as it’s at the heart of the Golden Mile, with couture shopping, fine dining and entertaining all around.


I truly felt so appreciated at the hotel, everyone really wants you to have the best time and they make sure you leave feeling happy and relaxed. The concierge even offered us warm hand towels and bottled water which was perfect because the day of our stay Vancouver graced us with some colder temps. Despite us staying on the day of the Grand Opening, the customer service was on point even though they were extremely busy and had tons of things to think about.

why-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverwhy-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverwhy-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverWe asked if we could check our car into valet before check-in to explore the city a bit and they had no problem with it, it was so nice not to have to deal with Vancouver’s crazy parking situation.

why-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverwhy-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverwhy-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverwhy-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverwhy-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverOur stay was amazing as no detail was overlooked, our luggage was handled with the utmost care and the service was truly perfect. I’d also like to point out that despite the fact that there were protestors around the hotel during our stay (it was the day of the Grand Opening), the security was outstanding, it honestly felt like the safest spot in the city that night.

why-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverwhy-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverwhy-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverwhy-you-should-actually-stay-at-trump-hotel-vancouverUnfortunately, the pool wasn’t open during our stay, so there’s even more of a reason to return!

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