How to Spend the Most Relaxing Weekend in Whistler

I spent the past weekend at my home away from home, Whistler, which is just north of Vancouver. We kicked off the weekend celebrating the launch of Nita Lake Lodge’s newly renovated Cure Lounge. The new space is a bit modern, a bit Canadian and of course, perfectly cabin esque as you would expect at this beautiful lodge nestled in Whistler’s Creekside.


The lounge is bright and boasts an open-concept with access to the patio situated right in front of the serene Nita Lake. Cure Lounge provided the most delectable bits & bites and because the hotel knows I’m meat-free, they made sure I had tons of vegetarian pizza to nibble on (you must order the mushroom truffle pizza, oh my). To go along with our delicious food, we tried out some of Cure’s newest craft cocktails, and I was super impressed, one of the drinks was even poured into a mug that looked like a gardening pot. Presentation on point!

We spent the night mingling at Cure Lounge before heading upstairs where our two-story suite awaited us at Nita Lake Lodge. The suite was amazing, not only could it house my entire family (plus the dog), but we had lakeside views and of course, the most relaxing balcony to bask in the view with.

The beds were extremely comfy, the showers were made of slate and stone and housed my favourite L’Occitane products which are definitely a highlight of mine whenever I stay here. Because it was a bit on the chilly side this weekend (although we had great weather as we were expecting rain and snow), we put the fireplace on and took our relaxation to the next level.


The next day, we woke up early and grabbed some delicious breakfast at Aura Restuarant. They have the best food here, so fresh and tons of options. After fueling ourselves for the day, we took a shuttle ride to the beautiful Scandinave Spa. I would highly recommend this place if you’re an avid spa-goer, there’s a huge variety of ways you can relax. We did the baths which are a combination of hot baths, wood burning saunas (so good for your skin!), eucalyptus steam baths, and refreshing waterfalls where you plunge into a pool of cold water to rejuvenate and awaken your senses. You can also get massages at Scandinave Spa too. This bath experience is actually known as hydrotherapy, as it’s recognized for its energizing and relaxing effects.


After a day at the spa, we went back to our oasis at Nita Lake Lodge, relaxed (some more) for a bit before dinner at Aura Restaurant. Aura Restaurant just launched their new Spring menu which we tried out, it was delicious. Aura also just launched a Canada 150 feature menu which I love because I’m so thrilled about Whistler being a part of Canada’s big birthday this year. We didn’t try this menu out but I took pictures to give you a peek of some of the awesome (and creative!) offerings. As always, Aura Restaurant provided such excellent service, delicious food and an amazing ambiance (we were seated right in front of the windows which gave us a view of the beautiful lake).

how-to-spend-the-most-relaxing-weekend-in-whistlerhow-to-spend-the-most-relaxing-weekend-in-whistlerhow-to-spend-the-most-relaxing-weekend-in-whistlerhow-to-spend-the-most-relaxing-weekend-in-whistlerhow-to-spend-the-most-relaxing-weekend-in-whistlerhow-to-spend-the-most-relaxing-weekend-in-whistlerhow-to-spend-the-most-relaxing-weekend-in-whistlerhow-to-spend-the-most-relaxing-weekend-in-whistlerAfter our delish dinner, we went back to our room, did some face masks and watched some rom coms. What a nice way to end a truly wonderful Saturday. The next morning, we went back to Aura Restaurant for some brunch and tried out their Nita Brunch Waffle, so good. We had a bit of time before check out and relaxed a bit at Nita’s spa, in particular, a fave of mine, their rooftop hot tub overlooking Whistler mountain. We grabbed a quick bite before heading off on the PCL back to the city at Fix Cafe and had the best lunch, it’s a great place for some quick (and tasty) grab and go options!how-to-spend-the-most-relaxing-weekend-in-whistlerhow-to-spend-the-most-relaxing-weekend-in-whistlerhow-to-spend-the-most-relaxing-weekend-in-whistlerAs always, I had an amazing time at Nita Lake Lodge and have come back feeling relaxed and ready to take on another week!

Thank you so much to Nita Lake Lodge for having me.




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      Oh really?? It is, isnt it? Thank you! You should definitely come back and visit Whistler too 🙂

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