How to Find the Right Bra for Your Size and Shape

I was recently introduced to a new to me lingerie line called Simone Perele. Simone Perele is all about embracing your natural curves and bringing your self-confidence front and centre, yes, please. Therefore, the difference with Simone Perele is they take both comfort and design into consideration.


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Simone Perele stems from France and is always improving upon their expertise, their demand for rare quality and their importance of detail.

There are so many questions about fit and finding the right bra for you. Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to interview the artistic director of Simone Perele, Katia Charle to provide those answers.

How do you find the right bra for your size and shape?

Simon Pérèle’s collections feature many styles and sizes to fit all body types. Each woman can find the style that suits her best by meeting with a bra specialist who will take her measurements and take the time the advise her.

What is the history of your brand and what differentiates French bras from North American?

The Simone Pérèle brand will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2018! It was created by Simone Pérèle and her husband, Mr. Grodner. They developed the brand together. At the time of its creation, Simone Pérèle was ahead of its time and contributed to the liberation of women’s bodies. The company was later led for many years by their daughter and son: PHILIPPE AND CATHERINE. The company is now run by Simone Pérèle’s grandchildren: Mathieu Grodner and Stephanie Bujard, who are cousins.

How many bras should you have in rotation at any given time?

It is hard to answer this question, because the answer depends on your clothing habits. You should have at least one bra in each of these colours: black, nude and white or ivory. Then, you should have a bra you can wear underneath tops with plunging necklines, one to wear under sweaters and turtleneck, one to wear for under tight-fitting tops and one to wear under casual clothing.

What are some bra no-nos?

The list could be quite long! One of the worst faux pas could be the band that rides up at the back. Mainly because a riding back means that the breasts are falling (pendulum effect). Bra cups that are too small and cause the breasts to spill over are also a huge no-no! We should also make sure not to forget the fashion faux pas when it comes to underpants. It is important to make sure that your underwear is not visible, either because of its colour or style. The wrong underwear can really affect your silhouette.

How do you begin the process of finding the right fit? And, what are some secrets to finding a bra that actually fits?

To make sure that a bra is the right size, check for the following:

· The band should not be riding up at the back. If it does, it means that the band is too big.

· The midriff band, the part between the cups at the front of the bra, should lie flat on your body.

· The breasts should not spill out of the cup.

· If the cup has seams, the bra seam should sit over the nipple.

· Straps should be well-adjusted.

· If the bra has underwire, they should fall right underneath the breasts, not on them, and they should not be much bigger than the breasts.


Photo from @simoneperele

What does a well-fitting bra look like?

Mme Simone Pérèle used to say that the best bra is the one we forget we are wearing!

What type of bra is good for everyday use?

The answer depends on your body type and clothing habits. There are no rules!

Should you wear a bra to bed? And if so, what styles do you recommend?

No, I don’t personally think it is any use to wear a bra when you are sleeping.

Where can we buy these bras in Canada? Can we order online, or do you recommend against online ordering for bras?

We have multiple retailers across Canada, ranging from small boutiques to larger chains including Nordstrom. Some independent retailers sell our products on their Canadian websites, but we do not have a Canadian transactional website.

Thanks for answering my burning questions, Katia! To check out Simone Perele online, click here.

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