Where to Find Stylish Skiwear for Women

With August almost here (can’t believe it) we’re starting to think about the exciting ski season ahead. I’m a lover of all things ski and especially love participating in apres-ski (haha). When I pick out ski wear, I typically want to achieve two things: fashion and function.

Thankfully, there is so much trendy womens ski wear choose from that fit both requirements. Skiing is quite a social activity and it’s nice to pick out some new pieces every now and then to reflect your personal style.


There are a few things I always look for when it comes to determining my skiing wardrobe. Continue reading for my top three tips.

The fit:

I look for pieces that are flattering, there’s nothing worse than looking like the marshmallow man. Too much bulk is not cute, but be careful not to choose pieces that are too tight, because, with skiing, you’ll want to layer and make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

The colour:

I usually opt for a printed jacket with a solid pant to make my outfit a bit more versatile. Some people opt for bright and standing out on the slopes, I usually go for neutrals and wear brighter under layers to mix it up. Totally up to you, just choose what best reflects your style.


The features:

Now for the harder part, choosing a ski jacket/outfit can be daunting to some because of the different types of jackets. To start off, I like to think about what kind of skier/skiing I will be doing.

Shells are typically what I go for because they’re made for wearing on your local ski hill.

If you plan on skiing in quite colder conditions, opt for an insulated jacket. This style features an outer shell and a layer of built in insulation.

If you do a lot of spring skiing, go for a softshell because they act as more of a hoodie and they’re ideal for sunnier climates.

And, if you’re an avid skier all year round, go for the unbeatable 3-in-1 jacket. This style features an outer shell jacket, some type of technical fleece or inner insulated jacket that usually zips into the shell. These jackets are great if you’ll typically be faced with a myriad of weather conditions.


I hope these tips helped and I’d love to know any of your own if you have. Comment below!






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